Open up your land to discovery

Custom Boardwalks open up wetlands and other hard to traverse areas to access and discovery. Wetlands and shorelines are beautiful and important components of an environment, and a Custom Boardwalk allows access with limited environmental disruption and long-term quality


Pedestrian boardwalk

Pedestrian Boardwalks are typically 4-6 ft in width and designed to handle a 6o psf. load. The boardwalks are great for allowing access to wetland areas and shorelines for walking and biking.    

ATV/UTV boardwalk 

These heavier duty boardwalks are 6′ -12′ wide and are designed for a 4,000 lb. vehicle load. This is just the right size for most recreational vehicles including golf carts, ATVs. UTVs, Snowmobiles, and small maintenance vehicles. 

trail boardwalk

If your hiking trail, walking trail, or biking trail go through wetland areas, A custom boardwalk can help increase utilization during wet months and reduce potential damage or hazards caused by usage without a boardwalk. This allows for longer and safer year-round usage 

GOLF cart Boardwalk

Golf courses can install a custom boardwalk for golf cart traffic with easy using the maintenance staff during the off season. The Recreational Vehicle Boardwalk design can handle up to 4,000 lb. vehicle load meaning Golf Carts and Course Maintenance equipment can easily pass as well as pedestrians. 

WETLAND Boardwalk 

Custom Boardwalks are installed in wetlands all over the Midwest. We have had success installing boardwalks in locations where it was thought a boardwalk would not work because Helical piers would not work in the soft soil conditions. Custom’s pan and bracket system has proven to work and has lasted for years in the harshest wetland conditions. 

shoreline boardwalk 

A custom boardwalk along the shoreline of a lake provides access, can act as a fishing pier or boat launch, and creates a hiking path the does not disrupt or damage the shoreline.  

fishing piers  

The custom boardwalk footings and brackets can create a shoreline fishing pier that can remain in place all winter. Piers can be cusomized with benches to provide a great fishing experience

boat & Kayak Launch 

Shoreline Boardwalks can have boat launch platforms added to facilitate lake usage. In addition to the launches, Custom also has experience building storage buildings for kayaks and canoes for parks and recreation departments throughout the midwest


The Custom Boardwalk footing pan and bracket system can be used to create a non-removable dock for lakes on non-flowing bodies of water.  The system design allows for leveling adjustments to be made if there is any settling or heaving over the seasons without need for removal or replacement

platforms & Decks

The boardwalk system is designed to meet IBC specifications. This allows it to be used for decks and platforms.  Platforms can be added at the end of boardwalks to provide a viewing area of a place to take in nature on an integrated bench. 


Viewing areas and overlooks can provide a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. Creating one with the Custom Boardwalk system can provide access via ramps and railing to help ensure the safety of visitors to your natural areas. 

CUSTOM boardwalks 

Custom has experience building sheds, benches, and other customizations on our custom boardwalks. We can take on other parts of the construction like a Kayak shed or screened in platform. We are open to most requests and always stive to build what our customers need to get over or through it.